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Friday, May 16, 2008

In-do-ne-sia…shouted repeteadly everywhere not only onTV live by national TV but near my room and all people everywhere shouted, yess its Thomas Cup & Uber Cup championships that held in Jakarta this month. This weeks is final games and its also accidently celebrating the 13rd year anniversary of my company on may 26th so alL branch making sports competition for all staffs in this country. Manado branch we had normally football games between corporate and badminton as well as weekly sports. Yess so during this Thomas n Uber championships our competition in the office also tightly rolling. And yess the most fun is comparing with my technic and strategy in playing badminton is nothing.

Uhhhh far away..in some part of the games the Ladies part is the most radiculuos . why? Yess all ladies staffs playing like silly players , only few of them…yess I guess me join the doble game, but failed through final due I was absence a few tym on that games… so…. Failed to get thru the final part ….
Talking about Thomas Cup team of Indonesia, I was truly sad and disappointed that in the semi final Indonesia was beaten by Korean Team. And Uber cup team of Indonesia still fight today afternoon dat made it to final season and will meet China Uber Cup team…ohh I was watching last nite wth great enthu….wow yelling and jump up to my bed evr ytym indo team won…..! reveal all the feeling of if I was there and maybe in my other s last posting “badminton tym” I ever told my story about dreaming become an famous Indonesian badminton player like Susie Susanti, fighting for my beloved Indonesia in the world. Yess fortunately I was born far away from Jakarta and no facility for dat……and yess I don’t know where to start anyway until now im still very potentially great athlete ..ha.ha.ha just need trainer and sports club, however is okay I still can play all of this in office.

As we known dats Indonesia is very famous wth badminton as starting from 60’s we can look back on badminton achievement In Indonesia, in Olympic games sure Indonesian team is one f the TOP time, ALL ENGLAND also the most legendary from Indonesia Rudi hartono 7 x won ALL ENGLAND championsips..isn't it cool!.. and really proud of it !!wish I can do something about it also…. join the national team wearing red and white custom and standing in podium to hear indonesian national antheme being singing and the red and white flag comes up Wht a great moment!!! Viva Indonesian Badminton!!Merdekaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

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