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it is just me from ordinary girl try to be an extra, do my best, try to be a better each second of this short life, try to be someone, means for something in this globe!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Politics Campaigne Seasons! Vote for me!No.8!!!

Makassar dan sekitarnya

Mandala monument still there :-)

From MTC on the nite!!!

Hai dear blog!!!
im here in Makassar again for some quaerterly meeting for main visit and sure back home sweet home again from friday july 11th till thursday july 16 th 2008 ill be here and rokin' this city...as usual meeting my besty fellows and sure roaming n roaming all over the city.

But somthing missin' now... no more Pitto, Irma, Ina bz wth the crazy workin' schedule, and Tulhe now in Bali.... fiuhhhhhhh those beatifull days will no more the same while all my betsy still here hikssss now... a few good man had me accompany for saturday and sunday ..hm thnx to Karno, Tiar and sure Antho for the helping hands in tym that i always visit my Makasssar :-) thnx guys !!! and Tulhe....Irmaaaa miss u much.......Pitto ...ur package for ur mom already delivered by me!!!!The more story of my visit will posting again in next....c u around :-)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

June-July 2008 It was great month!lots happening, meeting wth my orkut frens in real Face to face in Jakarta & also here with unique & awesome story I got nice sms everyday about life from him, get commited with someone special outhere for the same goals, facing my daiy as usual on week ends as always saturday is dating day and sunday as wells. Still in my mind about celebrating the happening new year 2008 last 7 months back, and all my resolutions is actually about 50% achieved. Refresh back about few betaifulll things this last 2 months meet someone in Jakarta its special things too dats dream coming true. Getting a few my dreams stuffs as long got money we can have it easily just purchasing the money:-P, now on July special things yesss I wish I can share here its too personal.

im stil didn’t find out how s this journey ending its happy or …… so I cant write it down now I m still fight for it to make it complete. Its all about life and then sure oh ya as usual im also buy books wth theme “self development” due a frens reference for fiction books and very intresting about one books called “Laskar Pelangi” now from book 1 till 3 almost finish I v being inspire much about how a few kids from village living dream, from starting dreaming, living it and achieving it with happy ending and its true story for Indonesian brilliant young writer.

I wish also my journey of life from carier, health, and love story will ending nicely, happily like those books stories! One day ill write down all my life story make a few books  its my dream also and yess its being little complicated months this 1-2 months back on love life cycle!But will try the best way on that!No Me Ames!!keep the spirit and live ur dream!banzaiii

Thursday, July 3, 2008


helo blog!! back from Jakarta got my new toys Blackberry 8300 Curve wth orange skin set, u may check in my last posted about my wishes no. 3 its BB 8300 curve and maybe no.6 about mr.right ( still in progress 50% for that one hope can make it real soon :-) its not about how to get it but just express wht u wish, and yeah u can get it!!its just all about time and little effort sure & pray evrything is impossible.

Honestly, nothings is easy to get, no pain no gain ! so go get it wht ur wish for sure u can do it ....but make effort (in this case i need money to buy he he & Money is not easy to get!! :-D) ^___^ About the BB actually my SE & NOKIA E61 are perfect enough to become my right hand to help my life for all office purpose but BB is better in some benefits no.1 YM 24 hours free and GTalk ha ha thats mostly important to make communications for office, chat and so on sure mailing..... now cant hardly away from these gadgets and the networks is perfectly far from Disconnected...........Bravo BB!hope this toys will help me to get some.....^__^?