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it is just me from ordinary girl try to be an extra, do my best, try to be a better each second of this short life, try to be someone, means for something in this globe!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finally the mid of last year I can accomplished one old dream!!
Purchasing my very own car!!
Pure from myself!!for sure supported by my family for some effort !!

I named it" Xilvero"1300 CC Daihatsu silver colour 7 seated!!
Why seven? Due I wnt to pick everyone but I do realize now suppose to be just 4 seat city car coz I'm still single!!daily using it only homei - office and some roaming wth frens and ya just bring one or 2 frens!!rare full seated!!

I v been having a car license since 2002, I get my driving sertificate@1998 but due not having my own car so never being feel so great driving!!eventhough car belong to parents but still not mine !!its just awesome things when u can reach ur biggest dream in life by ur own!!

Finally after many years !!
Driving from home to office daily in the morning viewing the Manado Bay and the beach and Bunakens in sunny early day as wonderfull feeling!! I like Manado for all this!!
No traffic, small city, friendly people!!

Now Xilvero is my best fren here :-)
My sweet heart !!!
Bingo!!accomplishe in age of 27 !! Not bad!!:-)

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