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it is just me from ordinary girl try to be an extra, do my best, try to be a better each second of this short life, try to be someone, means for something in this globe!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ooow im suppose to posting it yesterday..
10-10-10 its yesterday and whats happening that day :
1. Libra one my collegue having new baby girl, congrats ya Bro
2. Indra Bekti the TOP Indonesian celebrity got married.( jealous mode on*)
3. My new boss in Manado spent half days wth him for being good hosted ..
4. Spent 4 hours took a nap.. after lack of sleep the day after ..
5. Was forgot that its already 10-10-10 wishing already took that day for my wed :-D
then lets do it at 11-11-11 Amin....