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it is just me from ordinary girl try to be an extra, do my best, try to be a better each second of this short life, try to be someone, means for something in this globe!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today last year the same day
The same circumtance I had
Sms, greetings in FB, Orkut, FS, Tagged, WAYN, etc..
Some frens called....

Aint from him anymore...
He is not call at all today as usual like last year...
As all things had changed of desteny of life...

All I got a called from a chubby fren in somewhere..

And sure my mother
For the first time she is the first wisher and sincere pray...
Love u mom :-)

Life is a beautifull and awesome whether he is call or not
In May of My Day !!!

Hectic days
May 28th 2010
11:58 pm


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Again May come....
Again my birthday will come also
Ohh May this May still My Day
Ohh May i ask to u Lord of the universe
For biggest wishes to My May Day
Where? just give me the clue ...
May My Day he will come soon